Basic HTML codes


Some basic HTML codes that will brighten up your layout.

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In this texture pack there are 10 numbers all big and resizable as you can see above in the preview

This texture would be mostly useful to people who want to MAKE A BIRTHDAY EDIT or something like this or this (couldn’t find another example, sorry)

Please like or reblog if you download, We worked so hard on this & it took forever just to make.

NOTE: PLEASE do not claim as yours and you might need to download the font: “Uptight Neon” here because I used the font in some of the numbers cause it looks good with it but its not necessary.

Download link > [MF]

Graphic Tutorial.


How to make something like this [x] [x]

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↳ 25 Romantic Fonts | a subtle revelry
1. Clipper Script, by Måns Grebäck | 2. Daun Penh | 3. Cac Champagne, by American Greetings | 4. Nautik, by Henning Skibbe | 5. Sail, by Latinotype | 6. Learning Curve, by Blue Vinyl Fonts | 7. Parisienne, by Astigmatic One Eye | 8. Bodoni MT Condensed, by Monotype Type Drawing Office | 9.  Sachiko, by Lauren Thompson | 10. Lobster Two, by Pablo Impallari | 11. Ever After, by Michael A. Hernandez | 12. Brannboll, by Måns Grebäck | 13. Castro Script, by Måns Grebäck | 14. Swis 721 Outline, by Max Miedinger | 15. Little Days, by West Wind Fonts | 16. Italic C | 17. Courier New, by Adrian Frutiger | 18. Frykas Light*, by Baobaby Studio | 19. Jellyka Bees Antique, by Jellyka Nerevan | 20. Little Lord Fontleroy, by Nick’s Fonts | 21. Complex, by Qbotype | 22. Roman D | 23. Euro Roman | 24. Burgues Script*, by Alejandro Paul | 25. (Title) Matilde, by Typedepot

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COLORING 1281 ✧ by artjunkpsds ✧ Feel free to change settings to fit your edit better. Like or reblog if you downloadDon’t repost and/or claim it as yoursdownload // deviantart

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.psd number five by rollpsds download

We’re all new! This psd gives a kind of yellowish vintage effect and works on almost every image! Please like/reblog if using and don’t claim as yours!

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PSD019 by flowpsd

Ajust some layers if you needLike or reblog this post if downloading. Please, don’t repost or claim as your own and don’t forget that notes inspire me to create more!

download♡ Thanks!

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Vintage Poster Tutorial



You can thank my lack of internet access for this tutorial, and the fact that I decided to save a .PSD for once…

Right, so.. First off I’m going to open my picture in photoshop (using a canvas of 500px wide and 640px tall) and I’m going to put it in black and white by creating a new adjustment layer.

(Click on the little circle at the bottom of our layers tab > Black & White, and a new layer should appear on top of the layer we had selected) So we’re going to merge those two layers together. (Layer > Merge Visible)image

Next I applied some Grain (Filter > Texture > Grain) with the following settings:

image(settings may vary depending on the photograph you’re using)

And then I Duplicated the layer (Layer > Duplicate Layer) and went to the Filter Gallery, expanded the Sketch tab, picked the Halftone Pattern and applied it to the duplicated layer with the following settings.

image(But the truth is settings may vary depending on the photograph you’re using)

Then, using the eraser tool, I started to delete the background of the new layer so that we can delete the little dots on the background and only leave them only on Colin Firth.


Next, I duplicated the original layer (the one with the grain on it) and draged it all the way to the top of our layers and set its blending mode to lighten by clicking on the little drop down menu on my layers tab, so that the layer with the pattern can look grainy too.

Now I just applied some curves (it’s a lot less sexy than it sounds) with the following settings to make it look a bit lighter and more contrast-y(?):


(hey, did you know that settings may vary depending on the photograph you’re using?)

And here’s when things turn completely wild. Remember that little circle we clicked to make our image b&w? Well, I clicked it again and clicked on Gradient Map. You can choose whatever colors you like.. I chose these, by clicking on the gradient so that I could change the colors.


(I also added a bit of Vibrance (+63) by clicking the same little circle)

Then, I created a new Layer and I colored the background with the brush tool using a gray color… It doesn’t really matter how black or white it is because the only purpose it has is to turn the background back to being colorless.. So duplicate the layer first, and then change the original layer’s (the bottom one) blending mode to Color.


Now, I added a layer style, Color Overlay, by clicking on the litte FX button, selected a light blue, and set it to Overlay.


Next, I selected a sort of messy rectangle (wat) using the polygonal lasso and filled the selected space with a very light gray (using the bucket tool), diminished to opacity to an 80%, and wrote my text on top, using the font Nevis on the color #351b0d which is a very dark brown.image

Then I dragged this papery texture on top of all of this, and adjusted the blending mode to Exclusion, and then duplicated the layer (Make sure that it’s set to exclusion as well), and voilá!


It may seem like a lot, but idk I think most of it’s just playing around with colors and stuff, so give it a try!

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hey there!! so i got 1k the other day (it was the end of september oops) and i’ve been meaning to do something ever since so i made a psd pack! it has 11 psd’s (some don’t have previews) altogether and they’re all for different youtubers so hopefully it’ll have something for everyone! :D enjoy and please like/reblog if you download :)

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Theme 16; lonely mountain | Live preview + Code
  • Colors Customizable
  • Four custom links
  • Custom Scrollbar
  • Lazy Load
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • No sidebar image
  • 500px or 400px posts
  • Background image option

Do not remove/move the credit.
And read the rules before using.

+Like/Reblog if you’re using, thank you.

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